Pen-and-Ink PRINTABLES - Custom Art of YOUR pet!
Pen-and-Ink PRINTABLES - Custom Art of YOUR pet!
Pen-and-Ink PRINTABLES - Custom Art of YOUR pet!
Pen-and-Ink PRINTABLES - Custom Art of YOUR pet!
Pen-and-Ink PRINTABLES - Custom Art of YOUR pet!
Pen-and-Ink PRINTABLES - Custom Art of YOUR pet!
Pen-and-Ink PRINTABLES - Custom Art of YOUR pet!
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Pen-and-Ink PRINTABLES - Custom Art of YOUR pet!

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How would you like a CUSTOM pen-and-ink of your pet by Retro Pets artist Krista Brooks? (That's me!) I'm now taking custom orders and the BEST PART (I think) is that they're PRINTABLES!


After I do the art of your pet on my iPad the art WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU (within about a week) as a high-resolution PNG file with a transparent background. That way, you can print out yourself, or you can have printed onto any number of products (a canvas, a coffee mug, note cards, a tote bag and on and on...). Cool, right?!

Yes, very cool! So what all is included?

Glad you asked :D

1. You'll get your art emailed as high resolution PNG files. One version with a transparent background and one with with a solid color background for sharing on social media (and of course you could print it out, too, if you like).

2. A list of sites that you can go to with your new custom art. Websites like CanvasonDemand and Vistaprint are great and have lots of items to choose from.

They have customer service phone numbers and will help you through the process of getting your artwork onto your chosen products.


Nope, this is a digital product. There is no physical product we will ship to you. You'll be emailed the high-resolution png files and you will take it from there. 

It's DIGITAL ART you can DOWNLOAD right away. No waiting!

(Your version of the art will not have the copyright symbol across it, of course.)

You might just print it out on your inkjet printer and pop it in an 8x10 frame, or you might go to a print-on-demand website and have it printed onto a 30x30 canvas like the one above. It's up to you. Stickers, a T-shirt, a travel mug...

You can do what you like with it as long as it's just for your own personal use. You may not sell it in any manner. 
More on that at the end.


You can upload between 1-5. I will choose my favorite as a go-by.


No, sorry... You will get my artist's interpretation of your pet, AND...

There IS a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on these Custom Artworks

If you don't LOVE the art I create just hit reply to the email and let me know you're not feelin' it and I will 100% refund you. Guaranteed.

Due to the custom nature of this artwork, I have set a limit on how many orders the cart will take for this item. If you can't add it to your cart, it means that limit has been reached for the moment...

Please do sign up for our email newsletter so you will be the first to know when I have "opened the cart" on that item again! (And I hope you sign up regardless so you can see the fun art and such that I send out in newsletters).

Again, the artwork I create is to be for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

You do not have permission to sell the art or any products featuring the art. Retro Pets® retains the copyright to all artwork and may create print-on-demand items for sale with your pets image. In that case, your pet will get props on the product page, of course!

I'd LOVE to see what you do! Please tag on social @retropetsart