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Shipping FAQ's

Q. How fast will you guys ship my order?

A. Soooo fast! Same day if it's early enough and we can get to it. Next biz day at the latest.

Q. Ok, but how is everything packaged? My mailman is heartless.

A. We package our products in stiff cardboard mailers with big red DO NOT BEND stamps on it. Your mailman would have to put it on the ground and put his foot on it to bend it. (Hopefully, he's not that heartless.)

Q. Free shipping for U.S. orders of $75.00...? Cool, cool. But how does my order ship when it's free? 1st Class? Priority? Strapped to the back of a snail?

A. Spend $75 we'll upgrade you to US Mail Priority and the shipping's on us. (U.S. orders only.)

Q. Almost forgot... where do you ship from?

A. We ship from Krista's little gallery in Santa Fe, NM. Please stop by next time you're in town! :D