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12/9/2015 - A Book Series Starring a Crime-Solving Chihuahua...

What fun!

I went to my mailbox and spied a manilla package among the all catalogs and newspaper coupons, and I'm all "please be a book, please be a book!" (Sometimes I order used 3rd party books on Amazon and they come like this. I didn't remember ordering one recently but I tend to forget stuff like that.)

Anyway, I open it up and it's from my friend Waverly Fitzgerald (thanks Waverly!). It's the latest book in her series. (I say 'her' but it's actually her and her writing partner, so I should say 'their' series.)

Pepe the Crime-Solving Chihuahua Book Series

You guys, these books are so fun.

There's this newbie detective named Geri and she adopts a little white Chihuahua from the pound and names him Pepé (well, actually he tells her that's his name). Yup, turns out he can talk (but only to Geri) and he's a natural at solving crimes. He's hilarious. The books are fun and funny. If you like mysteries and humor, you'll love 'em.

It's not a kids book (though I adore Kid Lit), it's a mystery novel for dog lovers. There's a bunch of them so you can binge-read if you wanna.


I know I'm really gonna enjoy digging into this one. (See what I did there?)

krista :)



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