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11/30/2015 - Clementine doesn't play. No, wait... Clementine PLAYS! :D

Hey you guys,

So, I am loving little Clementine. Did I tell you that's her name? Senorita Clementine as a nod to her Mexican roots. 

But I was telling a friend on the phone last night that she doesn't seem to get how to play with a toy. I'd been trying to get her to pick one up and chase her with it but she just wasn't getting it. No big deal. We would work on it.

But then this morning out of the blue, she grabbed one of the toys on the kitchen floor and started shaking it around, then she ran and I chased her. I threw it and she ran after it. And I ran after her.

Oh, ok... she does know how to play with a toy! Yay! 

She showed me. I guess she heard me on the phone last night. ;)

Btw, I actually took this photo after the fact. I can tell she's gonna be a really good subject for the camera because I laid the toy on her and she just laid there. I walked away and came back and she was still laying there. Hadn't moved. I had to sort of move the toy to get her to grab at it. 

Many more cute photos to come - I'll keep you posted!

wags & purrs,

krista, the retropetsgirl



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