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11/21/2015 - I Adopted a Rescue Poodle and I am in LOVE!

She's little, she's white, she's about 15 months old, she's a stray from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and she's a total DOLL.
Poodle Girl the first day I brought her home.
I'm not even exaggerating, she's an absolute sweetheart. 
Meet "Señorita Clementine - The Mexican French Poodle"!

I can't believe how fast I fell in love with her. Like, LOVE.

I love her so much that I started tearing up about it, from just the joy that she is. YAY!

Thank you to Amy Cox, who does such amazing work rescuing dogs. My little Poodle Girl has found her forever home and I am sooo happy!

my little poodle girl!

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