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Rave Reviews

As soon as I saw the black lab 'Obsession'

"I visited the Retro Pets site with the intention of only buying a Beagle print, but ended up browsing the other prints just for fun. There are so many breeds represented! As soon as I saw the black lab 'Obsession' print, I thought I was looking at a picture of my pup, Chloe. Head half-cocked, tennis ball hanging out the side of her mouth, and the eyes that beg "well, are you gonna throw it again or what??" Clearly this artist has spent time with and has a deep affection for dogs that really shines through in the prints. Because of how accurately this print depicts a silly little thing my dog does and in a humorous way, I have already recommended the site to friends and family who I know will appreciate Retro Pets' sense of humor and artistry!"

 *- Kyle*

Retro Pets' Yellow Labradors

I absolutely love the two prints I purchased (Obsession with Tennis Balls and The Lovable Lab Good Time Tavern). Krista definitely knows how to capture the very essence of a Yellow Labrador in her artwork. The prints look just like our lovable Lab Josie May and OBSESSION (the title of this print) is THE word when it comes to her and chasing tennis balls.

My husband and I always enjoy quality Labrador collectibles and both of these prints certainly fit the bill. I had both prints framed and hung up on the wall the very same day I received them in the mail.

We have many dog lovers in our family and throughout our circle of friends and I will be recommending your website to ALL of them. There is something for everyone at Retro Pets and people will always find space to display a picture that reminds them of their devoted companions.

I can sum up my satisfaction with my purchase from Retro Pets in six simple words: PERFECT will just have to do!

 - Karen, Auburn, CA

Repeat Customers, Repeat Rewards!

Once again, Retro Pets has captured our hearts and therefore another place on our wall.

We previously purchased the Boston Terrier print Lil' Stinker and loved it. As repeat customers, we knew we would receive another QUALITY PRODUCT and PROMPT, COURTEOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE (a rare find these days).

However, we were still AMAZED at how Krista CAPTURES THE PERSONALITY of the Boston Terrier. The EYES on these prints REFLECT the BT's PLAYFULNESS!!!Her QUIRKY SENSE OF HUMOR brings a smile to the face of visting family & friends. Just like our animal friends, Krista's work will bring us great joy throughout the years!

 - Lisa, Sault Ste Marie, Michigan


We have this print as well as every other pug print that Krista Brooks has for sale. They are on a wall surrounding a doorway, and everyone who sees them enjoys them! Some of the prints look just like our if they had been the models...and others could be any pug. Since all pugs are adorable, how can these prints miss???

 - Indiana

Owner of three Pugs

We have three wonderful, sweet, mischievious Pugs. We received two Pug prints from Retro Pets as a gift but when I saw the Portly Pug....I had to have it also.

Each print we have captures the personality of each of our Pugs. We have Little Stinker, this is our 18 month old Jinks; then we have Portly Pug, this is our big guy 2 year old Pugz; and then we have Sinfully Sweet, this is our 11 year old Fidget.

I display these prints with pride, Krista is very much in touch with all aspects of the breed and it comes through in the prints. Thank you Retro Prints, because of you, we will always have our "guys" around.

 - Springfield, IL

Charming Indeed

This is one of several prints of several breeds we bought for our dog friendly beach rental -- this print is BEAUTIFUL -- the detail is amazing, and it looks terrific in a standard mat and frame. It's a wonderful print.

 - Virginia and Duck, NC

Great gift!

When my friend helped me out during a rough time with my Chocolate Lab, I was trying to think of something that was unique without the unique price tag to give to her. She absolutely LOVED the 2 prints Loyal Black Lab and Yellow Lab Tavern that I got her. She loved the beer/tavern theme and promptly put them up in her dining room where she has gotten compliments on them already!

  - Kim in VA

Mom loves it!

I bought this as a gift for my parents. I had purchased a pug print in a gift shop and decided my folks needed one of their dog. They are thrilled!

  - Columbus, OH

We love Beagles and your works of ARF!

My daughter is a Beagle lover and a small animal veterinarian. I have bought her your one of your hound prints and more recently the Beagle print for her birthday. She is displaying it proudly on her desk at the animal hospital where she works. The print looks just like her Beagle Lula.

  - Charlene E. Sleepy Eye, MN

A Breed Apart

I purchased the print for my wife's birthday...she loved it! The originality and visual delightfulness of the print is very fun indeed! This is a highly vivacious breed, and this print thoroughly captures that spirit.

 - Jerry, Flower Mound, TX

Great brown lab lover's gift

I bought this print for my daughter's birthday. She owns and adores her lab and like most labs, it fits her to a T. I was so excited to see that I could choose the color of lab I wanted, you can't usually do that. The print showed up just a few days after ordering it and it was shipped is such a way that it was protected. The way the print is designed, you don't have to mat it, just slip it into an 8 x 10 frame! A very fair price for what you get.

 - Kimberly K, Detroit, MI

Chihuahua artwork is fabulous!

I love my print! It perfectly depicts my chihuahua in looks and personality. The colors of the print are very tasteful and work nicely with my home's decor. I plan to give these prints as gifts to my friends with furry babies.

 - Cindy, Waco, TX

Hypno Kitty

These prints are the best, they are like the old advertising labels used before we got so hi tech. I have about 7 now and they are framed. These are just fun!!!

 - Barb, Sacramento, CA

Great Westie Rendition

I purchased this for a friend of mine who has a Westie, and the drawing is just perfect (looks exactly like him). I like the design of the print, and it is a nice quality. I bought an inexpensive frame and matting and it looks great. Can't wait to give it to her!

 - Kristen, Annapolis, MD

Great Gift!

This was a great gift for a friend that just got a new "baby"! I first found out about Retro Pets when we were trying to find a unique Miniature Schnauzer print. We love ours and have received many complements on it. We thought it only suiting for a new "baby" owner to have one! She loved it too!

 - Harmony S., Virginia

Patron Saint of Speed Bumps

The personality and portrait of my Basset is absolutely dead on. I would have sworn my Murphy posed for this print. Anyone who owns and loves a basset hound would love this. I have several prints representing my 6 dogs ( different breeds,some mixed so as close as I could guess), they are all so adorable and framed works of art. Everyone who sees them loves them!

 - Susan, Pensacola, FL

That's my dog!

Boy, does this slogan hit the nail on the head. Labradors in general fit this description, and my two in particular. One keeps trying to get me up in the middle of the night. I fell for it a time or two, thinking she needed to go outside. Instead she led me straight to her bowl!

 - Rosanne, WA

Retro Pets is awesome!

I have given several of your prints as gifts over the years, and they have all been very enthusiastically received. I also have one hanging in my home. Thanks!

 - Portland, OR


I received a Jack Russell Terrier print as a gift, and thought it was wonderful. I bought the Boston print for a friend who recently got a Boston puppy. She loved it!

 - Fort Worth, TX

Adorable, perfect gift for a Lab lover

I saw this in an expensive gift shop in a tourist mecca over the summer and thought it would be the perfect gift for my aunt who has two black labs. In the gift shop they were framed and cost over $50. I was so happy to find it online for a much better price. I was also very pleased with the reasonable shipping price, very refreshing to not be gouged for shipping! The quality of the picture is great, bright and rich in hue. You will not be disappointed.

 - La Mesa, CA

Oh, that is my baby!

I have both a black and silver schnauzer and a salt and pepper one. My sister has the same combination. We grew up with schnauzers. When I first saw these prints, I had to get one for each of us. I ordered two of each design. They arrived in perfect condition--and more quickly than I expected. They are a great likeness that captures the joy my schnauzers bring to my life. Highly recommended!

 - Marita N, Tijeras. NM

Do I have to get outta bed!

Myself and my girlfriend love it, we have a jack russell/whippet mix and this picture is exactly what she does every morning, peeks her little head out from underneath the covers. You really capture the breeds personality to a tee, all your pictures are terrific, thank you.

 - Middlesex, NJ

Love, love, love Krista's art

In addition to the Dalmatian, I also have the Black Lab and Golden Retriever prints. Each of them perfectly captures the essence of my dogs.

 - Lexington, VA


Your prints are great. We purchased about 14 to put in our jewelry store window to promote an event that we were having to benefit our local animal shelter. We received many comments about how great they were, we passed on you website to several people and even sold a few right out of our windows. "Hypno Kitty" was a favorite.

 - Lori, State College, PA

Thrilled Up North

Hi Krista Our print arrived safe and sound this morning. I love it!!!What a unique and well done piece of art. This print is such a beautiful way for us to show our Berner pride. I'm so happy to be among the "fortunate few". Thank you for making the whole ordering and shipping process quick and painless. Keep up the great work.

 - Doug & Lynette, Newfoundland, Canada

Love my Poodles!

Hi Krista!

I received my five Retro Poodle prints last week. I must say...THEY ROCK!!!! We have the prints framed and hung along the wall of our bar area. Nothing says "Happy Hour" like these prints! We love them.

 - Kate A, Metropolitan Washington, D.C

The Perfect Gift

I love these prints! The artwork is so fun and the captions are adorable. I've ordered 3 prints - each depicting a dog owned by different friends. I will have the prints matted and framed as gifts for them this Christmas. I know they will love them as much as I do!

 - LeahAnn, Auburn, CA

I love this print

I have a yorkie that hates to ride in bags but this print made me laugh because I wish she would ride just like this cute puppy. I put this print and one more in my kitchen!

 - Christie, Denver, CO

Love it!

I received my print as a Christmas gift and I treasure it. I have never come across such beautiful doxie art. I have the other doxie prints on my wish list for this Christmas and plan on making a doxie gallery.

 - Fort Collins, CO